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Why We Are Better

Office and Smartphone Load Board

ReferATruck increases efficiency in your work day. Remove overhead and additional expenditures from your business model within 30 days. is Turnkey and enables Brokers and Carriers to get things done quickly and easily from Smartphones and desktop computers seamlessly. There is no app to download or application to learn, simply go to on your Smartphone or office computer and start working more efficiently today!

Powerful built-in tools that quickly increase efficiency

Based on our experience and over 35 years in the transportation industry, receiving and making phone calls is the life blood of our business. ReferATruck captures real-time phone lead data from day-to-day use. You're able to quickly verify businesses and comment on their performance. Grow your business faster with a safer and better load board.

Reports, Analytics and Alerts that will save you time

ReferATruck Load Board displays all your daily, weekly and monthly activity which is crucial in running a successful business. Reports are built in to the load board and are easy to understand and specific to your business activity. Results will impact your day-to-day operating decisions, saving you time and hassle while making you more money. Set up alerts quickly and receive instant availability of Brokers or Carriers that match your needs.

Rapid implementation means a better work day

You work hard, you deserve the best! ReferATruck is Turnkey and starts working within minutes to make your day-to-day activities easier. There is no system to learn, instead ReferATruck works for you! The more you interact with the ReferATruck Load Board the better it serves you, providing real-time information that keeps your business growing, cuts current costs and ultimately maximizes your profits.

Brokers and Carriers doing a safer business

Brokers and Carriers using poor business practices will be held accountable for their actions. If you're a fraudulent business using unsound business practices don't bother using the ReferATruck Load Board. Based on community feedback from good Brokers and Trucks, if you're performing below industry standards, you'll be kicked off the load board and denied access to the best and most trusted businesses in the Transportation Industry.

Accountability holds businesses to a higher standard

ReferATruck's peer-to-peer load board helps eliminate the uncertainty and chance of bad business practices while creating secure new business relationships. Hard working and trustworthy businesses will quickly excel and profit. Industry leader review sites like and have proven that reviews continue to be crucial in selecting trusted businesses. ReferATruck Load Board shows members trusted affiliate businesses that match their needs today, saving you time and money without compromising client relationships and/or online business practices.

Outdated contact lists are a waste of time

ReferATruck provides real-time Brokers and Carriers that are always relevant and specific to your business. Search for trusted Brokers and Carriers quickly that fit your needs; easily find their home base, preferred lanes and/or zones, saving time while getting your job done faster and easier.