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You work hard, you deserve the best!

Load board

ReferATruck is a friendly online load board that you can access from your office computers and/or Smartphones. One website for everything, simply visit to get started now.

Smart contact list

ReferATruck automatically builds a smart contact list based on people you're working with everyday. Your business will now have it's own database of important contacts you can access quickly, saving you time and increasing efficiency in your work day.

Peer to peer ratings

ReferATruck displays real-time reviews from people you trust based on first hand experience. You can quickly see the star rating of a business and read comments about their operations right now.

Best paying loads

ReferATruck developed a quick way for Trucks to find the best paying loads in a hurry. The ReferATruck CASH button finds the best paying loads for your truck so you can quickly connect and get paid.

Search function

Quickly finds businesses that match you. No need to create a new post and preform a search for your most popular lanes. Simply highlight one of your existing already created posts from your dashboard and select Search - you will quickly see all current match results from the load board that match your highlighted post.

Alerts function

Preset Alerts on your office computers and Smartphones for specific lanes that match your business criteria. Instead of searching constantly for trucks or freight, preset your alerts and ReferATruck will alert you when a match is posted to the load board.

History function

Recall past business contacts to help you quickly book new transactions.

New services

ReferATruck is continuously adding new services. As we release new features you will be notified within your dashboard area. Thank you for being the best part of ReferATruck.