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About Us

The place you check first for the best freight, brokers and trucks in the transportation industry.

A peer to peer network

ReferATruck is a real-time information network that connects you to the best freight, brokers and trucks in the transportation industry. See daily reviews and performance ratings of businesses operating in your industry. Work safer, work faster and make your day to day job easier with

Experience counts

ReferATruck knows the transportation industry. Founding members of ReferATruck have been operating in the transportation industry for the past 35 years. When you recognize the gaps within an industry, it's natural to want to improve them. ReferATruck is designed from hands on experience and will make your work day easier and safer.

Reduce costs and make more money

ReferATruck load board provides powerful tools to help your business cut costs, work more efficiently and make more money. Welcome to the load board that was built by people in the trucking industry, that understand what you need to do a better business.

Technology that doesn't get in your way

With the increased popularity of Smartphones today, ReferATruck designed a new load board that lets you work from your office computers and your Smartphones seamlessly. There is no software to download or app to install; simply visit from either your Smartphone or office computers and go to work.

Commitment to our valued members

Our ideas provide smart tools to Brokers and Trucks in the transportation industry, making your day to day job easier. Finally a load board where you can do a quicker, safer business and be recognized for your hard work.